Welcome to EIIM

EIIM is owned by Minerali Industriali (85%) together with a Local partner (10%) and Miners (5%)


The Company owns several mines in south Sinai and in Zafarana.
With a new and young energetic team of mining engineers some time supported with Italian geologist, we have a full control of the production and the screening process.
A little and well equipped laboratory gives us the guaranty to produce and deliver the right raw material to our customers.

About EIIM

GMI. is a leading mining group headquartered in Italy
GMI’s business is finding, mining and processing industrial mineral resources as silica sand, feldspar, carbonate, kaolin.

GMI’s activities are strongly represented in Italy, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Central and South America.

The local partner, based in SINAI, is a well known contractor specialized in quarries exploitation.

MINERS is mining company headquartered in Italy set up by the top managers of GMM.